Most Popular Complains About Rental Cars You’d Better Know

If you are going to rent a car to reach your destination from the airport, just know in advance that all that glitters is not gold.

Although all rental car agencies tend to over evaluate their services and vehicles, the truth is that in certain situations the services are not as good as expected – which means a lot of time wasted out for the customers.

What Is Wrong With Rental Cars?car and key

There are a few most relevant complains that a very large number of customers report in specific car reviews and forums:

  • The rental car came with dirty seats
  • The chauffeur (when requested by the customer) was late
  • The car insurance policy doesn’t cover all types of damages to passengers in case of accident
  • Some customers had to buy an extra insurance to compensate their security level
  • The rates are much higher if you rent a car at the airport
  • Most car insurance agencies are not located in the airport as they write on their websites or other ads campaign
  • Often times the customers are charged with extra fees
  • Representatives from the rental car agencies call every day to know how the experience was like

What If You Lose The Car Keys?

During a travel by car anything can happen, especially if the travel takes long hours in a row. Probably, you won’t believe it, but a matter of fact is that a large number of rental car customers lose the car keys on the way. It may happen because of many reasons: being in a hurry, getting distracted by someone or something, being stolen the key by a thief…

No matter why or how – what matters once you’ve realized you don’t have the car keys anymore is to call a local car locksmith service.

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Ethic And Professionalism

Another very good feature of 247 Locksmith Service is that this company offers a comprehensive palette of locksmith assistance and services, including all residential and commercial services. The locksmiths who are part of the team of 247 Locksmith Service are licensed and locally bonded and they bring years of expertise from the locksmith industry.

The main goal is to meet the customer’s expectations, this is also a reason why the rates and prices at 247 Locksmith Service are especially affordable than most companies in the same industry.