Rental Car Broke Down – Now What?

One of the main reasons why people choose to rent a car instead of using their own when they need to travel long distances is the fact that they know for a fact these vehicles are relatively new – most likely newer than their own cars – and in good repair. In other words, they can rest assured that there will be no unfortunate car breakdowns to prevent them from reaching their destination on time. But what do you do when the car you have chosen to rent for your important business trip decided to break down after all when you are half way there? Do you have any clue what should you do if you were to confront with this particular issue? Here are a few of the main steps that can be taken in order to get back on the road and behind the steering wheel of a broken rental car.

Plan For A Breakdown Prior To Your Tripnearest locksmith for cars

  • You are highly advised to assess your car insurance policy and analyze your credit card papers to make sure everything is in perfect order.

  • You will need to know whether your car insurance can cover any towing or roadside assistance services no matter what car you might be driving, including a rental.

  • Make all the necessary phone calls and find out if your AAA membership also covers tire or lock repairs, lockouts, and other types of specific roadside assistance problems you might com across.

  • Consider buying travel insurance that covers rental vehicles, provided you do not have any kind of towing or roadside assistance coverage for rental cars.

  • Talk to your regular emergency locksmith for cars and see if they can provide you with immediate assistance on the route you will be traveling on. Some services will cover all regions and cities, while others will limit their coverage to some more restricted areas. It is best to know exactly who you can rely on before heading out the road.

  • You can always search for the nearest locksmith for cars on the go, and cross your fingers you will find a service willing to assist you no matter where you might have gotten stuck. But be prepared to be on hold for a long time, especially if you will be calling a smaller service with a limited number of mobile technicians who need to answer all emergencies in the area.

  • Save the number of a reliable locksmith company in your contacts on speed dial and kow for a fact that you will be able to receive their assistance with nay lock or key issues oyu might be dealing with on your rental car.

Assess The Rental Car Before Hitting The Road

See that you search for any worn tires, windows that do not go up and down the right way, broken roofs or keys that might be locked in the car for who knows how long.

Keep in mind most car rental companies exempt any repairs for these particular items from collision damage coverage. So you will be responsible for paying for the costs of the repairs, as well as compensate the car rental company for any recorded losses.